Wednesday, December 19, 2007

View of Lake Union from the Aurora Bridge

Lake Union
If you take the time to get out of your car and walk around Seattle you will notice some amazing sights. This view of Seattle, featuring Lake Union and Mt. Rainier, was captured high up on the Aurora Bridge - between Fremont and Queen Anne neighborhoods. It's an amazing view on a clear day!

Yes, this is a real photo - no image manipulation was required. The photo was captured using a Canon SLR digital camera mounted on a very steady tripod. The best time to capture a photo from this vantage point is in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, the natural light is best around rush hour. The auto, truck and bus traffic makes the bridge vibrate like crazy. The buses also generate a lot of wind as they speed past, so you have to hold on tight to the camera equipment.

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, where I worked for over a decade, is in the center of the photo. The Aurora Bridge is officially named the "George Washington Memorial Bridge" -- but nobody seems to use this name. The Aurora Bridge is 167 ft (51 m) above the water. The bridge crosses the Lake Union section of the Lake Washington Ship Canal.